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Annual Trip to Glastonbury with Inspiral !

Annual Trip to Glastonbury with Inspiral !


Annual Trip to Glastonbury with Inspiral !


Yes, we are repeating our popular day trip to Glastonbury this year on the 15th of July from Lakeside Shopping Centre return.
Glastonbury is the most amazing, wonderful, magickal place, the final resting place of King Arthur, visited by Christ, and home to the Fairy kingdom amongst other tales.

With spiritual and magical shops in abundance (many with Inspiral discounts) as well as beautiful and calming places to relax, meditate, or simply have lunch, you will love the peaceful energy of this beautiful town.

Glastonbury Abbey - see the grave of King Arthur, Chalice Well Gardens - see the healing waters of the well, said to be blessed with the blood of Christ, and of course, the Tor, towering above the town, and hiding the entrance  to the land of the Fay.

We take a coach here every year, and have chosen the beginning of July as hopefully it will be good weather, and the Chalice Well Gardens will be in bloom.

  We have a comfortable executive 35 seater coach, and tickets are selling very quickly, mainly to people who have been with us before and know what a great day out we lay on ! 

Book NOW - Adults £38 and children (over 5) £23. babies under 5 free of charge.

Cannot wait - lets get this coach on the road ! xxx


Quantity:  at  £38.00  each

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